Welcome to the Hunting Weim Alliance

The idea for a Hunting Weim Alliance grew from ongoing discussion on a now defunct private forum of dedicated hunters who choose Weimaraners as hunting companions for their versatility in the field, skill as workers after the shot, and one-of-a-kind temperament in the home.

The Alliance isn’t really a “club”; rather, as the name implies, it is a group of people joined together by a common cause and dedication to what they believe the Weimaraner should be — a versatile hunting dog.

Each of us looks for slightly different traits in our Weimaraners, but we all aim for certain common attributes. We strive for trainable and stable temperaments, effective working conformation, overall health and sound mind. We want “naturals” who love birds and are staunch on point. Our ideal dogs are soft-mouthed natural retrievers and enjoy swimming. Natural tracking ability rounds out the “must have” list of the versatile Weimaraner. Talk to us and you will see that this is just a basic list of traits, but essential to us as hunters.

We formed this alliance because we realized there was a problem for the average “Joe hunter” to come in contact with breeders that focused on breeding solid and proven hunting Weimaraners. Exceptional specimens of the breed do exist, but they are not always easy to find. The Hunting Weimaraner Alliance hopes to make this information more easily accessible to the public, and using stringent breeding guidelines, we hope to see the breed become consistently better.

The HWA is a member of the World Alliance of Hunting Weimaraners.

Hunting Weim Alliance Advisory Members:

Anne Taguchi, Touchstone Weimaraners, California
Camille Rice, Timberdoodle Weimaraners, Michigan
Meredith Wadsworth, Southpaw Weimaraners, Virginia
Jerry Gertiser & Judy Balog, Silvershot Weimaraners, Michigan
Chris Potts, Oregon
Craig Koshyk, Canada
JR & April Mallon, Northlink Weimaraners, Canada