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    After a disappointing trip to Kansas, followed by an abbreviated and windy trip to Nebraska, Dakota and I headed north and east to near the Colorado / Nebraska border to try our luck with Colorado pheasants.

    We hit mostly walk in access grassland – 2 of the fields were in the 1000 acre range. Long story short we got 2 roosters and had a good time, despite the coyote incident.

    Dakota went on point. I went walking over to get ready for a pheasant to flush. Much to my surprise – out comes a coyote. Dakota grabbed it by the neck, body slammed it to the ground and had it by the throat. No doubt in my mind that he intended to kill it. The coyote got free, ran a few steps and Dakota was on it again. This time he only had it for a couple of seconds and the coyote ran off. :shock: I stood there in stunned disbelief … first seeing a coyote flush rather than a pheasant and second … Dakota trying to kill a coyote! I didn’t need any more coffee the rest of the day.

    Up to no good. :wink:

    The big blue guy and his birds



    Oh man! Talk about a wakeup call! Makes ya happy you have a weim, not a Brittany, eh? :D Glad everyone is ok!



    I think that a Brittany would have been snatched up and eaten. :shock:

    Dakota came away with no puncture wounds, or any visible scratches from the coyote encounter. One of the older gentlemen that I hunt and train with (years of experience with dogs, etc.) had some concerns about possible issues with Dakota and other dogs (especially Blitz) after going for the coyote so "aggressively". Personally, I don’t feel that this should be a concern. Dakota has come to our female’s aid when she has gotten into an altercation with another dog, but Dakota is one of the least aggressive/assertive Weims that we have been around. He manages to find himself at the bottom of the pecking order in any group of dogs, and despite occasional bravado growling and posturing, always backs down, even with my mom’s Shih-tzu :) Blitz already has his number … Dakota just walks away, goes in another room, avoids Blitz, etc. I view Dakota’s aggression with the coyote as being more defensive/protective since I was walking over to flush. Also, we encounter a lot of coyotes (usually at a distance) and feel confident that Dakota knows the difference between a dog and a coyote. All of our Weims have become very concerned, focused, on alert, etc. when they have spotted coyotes. Any comments, opinions or thoughts on this?



    Whoa, that is some story!! I don’t think I’d worry too much about that creating some type of aggression issues or anything. I am glad no one got hurt!

    That last photo is gorgeous!



    A bit more excitement than what I was expecting … I head out to rural places to relax. ;-) I did a quick field check on him and saw no bite marks, or anything noticeable then Shelly and I both gave him a thorough inspection at home. Dakota did give Blitz a firmer than usual "leave me alone growl" but that had everything to do with being tired from a full day in the field – which I completely understand. ;-)

    I love the first picture though … boys day out and no girls around to tell us what to do. :P



    Wow! Glad Dakota is fine and I am sorry he didn’t kill the coyote. I hate them and we are overrun with them here in spite of our constant predator hunts. But I am sure you didn’t need any coffee for awhile! I love the smug look on his face in the back seat! Good boy Dakota! Nice photo of Dakota and his birds too.



    I took Dakota back to Sedgwick again last Saturday. He did awesome, and this time no pointing coyotes! Although, there were coyotes nearby when I was taking his picture as the sun was setting.

    Going out again this weekend. My wife, Shelly, is having her gallbladder removed next week and said that we should get out this weekend while we can.

    Getting Birdy

    Good boy! If only I could teach him to shoot. :P

    Sedgwick Sunset

    Dakota knows that coyotes are nearby and is showing remarkable restraint.



    Love the pics! Dakota looks great!

    Hope Shelly recovers really fast, best wishes to her for a speedy recovery!

    Keep the photos coming, I love them! :mrgreen:



    Gorgeous photos!



    I took Dakota back to Sedgwick County again today, along with a co-worker on long term assignment from Idaho. Kevin is also a hunter safety education instructor in Idaho, so he wasn’t just Joe Yahoo, wanting to hunt with a dog. :wink: Kevin had never been in the field with a pointing dog and was blown away by Dakota. I can be a tough critic at times, but I was really impressed by his performance today as well. On our first field, 4 birds flushed, Kevin shot 3 times with no birds going down – Dakota was rock solid. Woohoo. He has been steady to shot about 50% of the time recently. When the 4 birds flushed and 3 shots were fired, and he didn’t move an inch – I couldn’t wipe the small off of my face. :D
    Kevin – 2
    Chuck – 1
    Dakota – Awesome!

    The boys with the birds.

    Kevin and Dakota.



    "chuckj" wrote: I couldn’t wipe the small off of my face. :D

    I can see that! :)
    These stories are the BEST!



    I had that grin all day long :mrgreen: – so proud of Dakota. He was just stellar. Quite a turn around since September ratings tests, when he grabbed a bird in SDX and sat there eating a bird in both RD and NRD. Incredible weather – sunny with temps in the teens in the morning upper 40s in the afternoon. A great day all around.

    "anne" wrote:

    "chuckj" wrote:
    I couldn’t wipe the small off of my face. :D

    I can see that! :)
    These stories are the BEST!



    Hunting is a cure-all ;)



    "anne" wrote: Hunting is a cure-all ;)

    Absolutely! He looks great and so do you! I love that perma grin!

    I’m hoping to get Miss Royal out for late season grouse the holiday weekend. It’s my busiest guiding season right now and I don’t use her to guide so the poor thing has sat out the past month while everyone else hunts almost every day.



    Poor Miss Royal – must be tough watching everyone else go hunting.

    We are done for at least a week or two until Shelly recovers, although she may "insist" that we go so that she gets some peace and quiet. :wink: We need to get Blitz on some more birds soon. He went to a free clinic 2 weeks ago as the "demo puppy" and got rave reviews. He came down with a bug on Sunday and has been helping to pay for our vet’s vacation to some nice warm place. :P

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